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NCGrowth has partnered with Chef & the Farmer and A Chef’s Life
Through the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program, NCGrowth is working with Chef & the Farmer and A Chef’s Life. A Chef’s Life is a Peabody-award winning PBS docuseries that follows Vivian Howard, chef and owner of Chef & the Farmer, a farm-to-table restaurant in Kinston.

Robersonville Meat Packing Company to grow persimmons
Robersonville Meat Packing Company in Martin County is exploring expanding into persimmon production as a means to grow their business and needed a new business plan to move forward with the venture.

Smith Family Foods to open in North Carolina
Smith Family Foods, founded by Laura Smith, is a commercial baking operation aiming to bring their business back home to North Carolina.

Urethane Innovators participates in the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program
Corey Pulido, an ECU MBA student, is working with Tom Coulson, General Manager, and Cindy Schrieber, QA Manager, to assist the company with a new marketing plan as well as preparation for audit.

World Cat gets assistance with plant flow through the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program
Terrell Wells, an ECU MBA student, worked with President, Andrew Brown and Human Resources Manager, Leo Corbin to assist the company with plant flow and operations management.

NCGrowth and Roanoke River Partners conduct eco-tourism impact study
NCGrowth, in partnership with Roanoke River Partners, is conducting an Eco-Tourism impact study. This study will measure expenditures based along the Roanoke River.

NCGrowth partners with the City of Wilson
NCGrowth has partnered with the Downtown Development office of the City of Wilson, as well as the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park to research and identify innovation zones throughout the nation that use art and technology as a catalyst for community and economic development.

Construction Professionals Network of NC and NCGrowth partner on Maysville Project
NCGrowth worked with Construction Professionals Network of NC to assist in a development project for the town of Maysville, NC. This non-profit focuses on providing small rural towns assistance from construction professionals (this includes contractors, attorneys, architects and more) to help these towns grow and develop.

2015 National Food Hub Survey Results Released
Results from the 2015 National Food Hub Survey, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal data sets on food hub operations to date. MSU Center for Regional Food Systems.

EDA announces availability of funding to support economic development initiatives; new grant process makes application submission easier
The U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) is accepting applications through several of its grant programs to promote economic development in local communities.

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