Quantum FinTech Symposium - April 15, 2020. Quantum FinTech – or Q FinTech - promotes interdisciplinary research in quantum computer science and quantitative finance. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, derivative pricing, hedging, portfolio choice, default risk models, Monte Carlo simulation, machine learning, market microstructure, market clearing, cryptography, security, the impact of quantum computing on financial markets and society.

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Rethinc. Labs is a consortium of globally prominent thought leaders and researchers examining how businesses can best mitigate challenges and leverage opportunities amid today’s rapid digital transformation.

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Rethinc. Fintech explores emerging trends, issues and opportunities in the financial technology sector. The lab provides a platform for business executives, academic researchers and policy experts to exchange ideas in this rapidly evolving industry.  Topics of interest include  blockchain, cryptocurrencies and financial inclusion, and credit intermediation technologies as well as the myriad of related regulatory issues.

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Value Chain

Global value chains are a highly complex systems through which today’s businesses and consumers demand quality, safety, transparency, ethical sourcing and ever-faster delivery speeds. From additive manufacturing and the internet of things to driverless vehicles and drone delivery unprecedented transformations are happening in business operations and logistics. Led by Jay Swaminathan, Rethinc. Value Chain Lab is a pan university think tank that studies how emerging technologies are changing the way companies make decisions and that provides companies access to leading research and best practices.

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Customer Science

With the rise of big data, businesses can access more information than ever before about their existing and prospective consumers. However, acquiring, analyzing and leveraging this data is an increasingly complex and competitive task.. Rethinc. Customer Science works in partnership with industry experts and academic researchers to harness the power of data and analytics in order to improve products, services and the customer experience.

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