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Letter from the Executive Director

The past year has been extraordinary in many ways. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has upended all aspects of our lives, roiled world markets and compelled vigorous debates about the intersection of business, data-driven research and public policy. But through it all, the Kenan Institute has remained a voice of reason and clarity.


Impacting Policy & Business Through Research

The Kenan Institute produces cutting-edge, rigorous thought leadership that is accessible and actionable for a broad audience of business leaders and policy creators. This past year, we have made investments to increase our reach and expand our ability to respond to the latest in business and economic news, including the addition of Chief Economist Gerald Cohen, an expanded schedule of Kenan Insights, a monthly Outlook newsletter, and wrap-up

Business & Society Research Working Group

To engage Kenan-Flagler faculty in our work to leverage the private sector for the public good, we formed the Business & Society Research Working Group in partnership with the UNC Kenan-Flagler Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative. In the inaugural meeting, Professor Olga Hawn presented her ongoing research on corporate sociopolitical activism and its consequences.

Introducing Kenan Institute Chief Economist Gerald Cohen

This fall, we welcomed Kenan Institute Chief Economist Gerald Cohen, Ph.D., who will be at the forefront of the institute’s response to the big challenges at the intersection of business and society and help decision-makers understand the nuances of those challenge.

Five Economic
in 2022 with Gerald Cohen

Kenan Institute Chief Economist Gerald Cohen highlights five hot topics — from labor shortages to cryptocurrency — that business leaders and policymakers will grapple with in 2022.

Virtual KIFE 2021 & Trends in Entrepreneurship

In 2021, the Kenan Institute Frontiers of Entrepreneurship conference went virtual and was held over two days. The annual conference included four panels on topics related to funding; ecosystems; teams and talents; emerging technology; and DEI. Each session also featured a presentation of the related portion of the Trends in Entrepreneurship Report, which brought together expertise and data from academia, industry, and policymakers to highlight relevant topics facing entrepreneurs and investors today.

Kenan Insights

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