Rethinc. Labs Research Fellow Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, featured on Infinia ML’s Machine Meets World podcast: Treating AI as an Employee

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Professor Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi answered questions about our recently published Kenan Insight ‘Could AI Be Your Next Employee of the Month?

Discussion Highlights:

A Capital Idea
“Organizations now have to think systematically about ways to optimize, at the high strategic level, the combination of their human and artificial capital.”

AI Personified
“Personification has really good affordances for establishing [human trust of AI] because that makes the interaction, the analysis of data, and just the communication process much more natural. But it can get to a level that is problematic.”

Between Fear and Fascination
“People have too much fear [of AI], on one end, and too much fascination with capabilities. . . . overall, we are too excited about it.”



Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi
Associate Professor, UNC School of Information and Library Science