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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues


Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues

Arthur Wallace


Prior to attending Kenan-Flagler, I worked as a sell-side debt analyst for the High Yield Trading and Research platforms at Wachovia Capital Markets. My primary responsibilities were producing fundamental investment research within the energy space and managing relationships with institutional investors. The position gave me great visibility into the investment markets, which eventually led me to return to school with plans of entrepreneurially monetizing this unique skill set.

During my tenure with Wachovia, I was based in Charlotte, NC, where I was highly engaged in the Char-Meck community as a board member for the Hands on Charlotte Volunteer Agency, as a mentor for at-risk youths and as a nonprofit fundraiser.

Career Pursuits

In returning to school, one of my primary goals is to focus on marrying my investment expertise with my passion for sustainability. Thus far, UNC has provided me ample opportunities to grow this expertise. In the summer prior to entering the program, I worked as a Research Associate on the Kenan Institute’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise Consulting team, which helped me to see my niche interest much more clearly. I now seek to launch or contribute to the launch of an entrepreneurial venture or fund based around the theme of sustainable finance shortly following my matriculation.

Interest and Hobbies

Although I left investment research behind at Wachovia, I remain a big fan of the capital markets, and I continue to actively invest based on Environmental, Social and Governance considerations. Away from my career-focused hobbies, my favorite activities include surfing at Carolina Beach, Snowboarding at Sugar Mountain, mentoring youths whenever I can and traveling throughout my beautiful home state, North Carolina. GO HEELS!!