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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues

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PERC returns to Oxford University’s Saïd Business School on May 11-12, 2023, for the Private Equity Research Consortium Spring Symposium. This group of scholars and industry professionals conducts and promotes research on private equity.

Since 2008, the Alternative Investments Conference has served as a forum for private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and other alternative asset professionals to network, share ideas and stay abreast of industry trends.

Executive Director Greg Brown offers a simple model for prioritizing ESG issues at smaller PE-backed companies, given that the trade-offs between benefits and costs of implementation are more likely to limit the scope of their policies.

2022 has not been kind to many investment portfolios; as Kenan Institute Executive Director Greg Brown argues, this is all attributable to the change in real interest and inflation rates.

The pandemic taught us that equity investors would be wise to seek to invest in firms with resilient supply chains. But is there a reliable way to identify firms whose supplier-customer relationships are less vulnerable to disruptions?

The symposium will highlight recent research on buyouts, private credit, and venture capital, among other topics. Hosted by the Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC).

Kenan Institute Distinguished Fellow Lubos Pastor of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business weighs in on the significant increase in ESG investing over the past decade, as well as the causes and implications of that going forward.

Pless, a Kenan Institute Distinguished Fellow, will discuss the degree to which divestment versus continued investment in polluting industries might help drive the transition to a cleaner economy.

Pastor, a Kenan Institute Distinguished Fellow, will discuss how green stocks — despite outperforming brown in recent years because of an unexpectedly strong increase in environmental concerns — have lower expected future returns than brown.

This year’s in-person convening will discuss unique challenges and opportunities related to ESG issues in alternative investments.

Yimfor, a Kenan Institute Distinguished Fellow, will discuss his recent work on how access to venture capital varies by the founder’s race and alma mater and explore mechanisms driving the variation.

The argument that ESG investing generates more stable and higher long-term returns has come under scrutiny, including recent data showing long-run underperformance of ESG funds over the past five years. In this Kenan Insight, we provide some clarification based on recent research that revisits fundamental questions: why and how some investors take ESG factors into account in the first place.

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