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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues

Rasheed Bracey


I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the United States shortly after, settling in Brooklyn, NY. As a youth in the inner-city, I gravitated toward the excitement of business development and entrepreneurship. At 15-years old, I won a venture capital award to start my own company and from that point, I knew I could do anything, with hard work and diligence. After high school, I attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY, where I graduated with a degree in Management with focuses on Information Technology and Economics. Most recently, I worked with the City of Atlanta, where I served in the area of economic development.

Career Path

For the past several years, I have worked in the finance industry. My journey in finance has taken me to heights of private industry, where I served as a financial analyst in real estate investment and asset management. While in these roles, I was able to assess the lack of social responsibility, this created an opportunity for me to increase the social impact of the results of my work. One example of my efforts while in Hartford, CT, resulted in the creation of a company sponsored mentoring program for inner city youth. As my career progressed, my interest in social enterprise peaked when I relocated to Atlanta, GA. While in Atlanta, I was offered the opportunity to assist the City of Atlanta in exploring ways to increase economic development in blighted neighborhoods throughout the city. This role allowed me to reshape the distribution of economic wealth for many communities. As I focused on my continuing professional development, I sought MBA programs that offered a mix of a rigorous educational foundation as well as an opportunity to include social enterprise participation. Kenan-Flagler offers both, a strong education coupled with heightened interests for social philanthropy. As I seek to complete my MBA, I hope to attain strong leadership skills that will enable me to continue the vision of the Kenan Institute, where I can assist and lead in the creation of effective solutions for complex issues in Sports & Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Interests and Hobbies

I enjoy all sports, this includes, mixed martial arts and competitive bodybuilding. I also enjoy cooking for loved ones while spending quality time with my friends when possible. If I had the time (and financial budget), I would love to write and direct films while traveling the world.