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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues
Nov 13, 2023

A Reinvestigation of the Stock Price Reactions to Announcements of Black Top Executive Appointments


We investigate the stock market reactions to the announcements of Black CEO and top management team (TMT) appointments in light of two conflicting studies that advance competing and opposite theories. In 2021, Gligor and colleagues theorized that reactions will be negative due to racial stereotyping, and found negative mean stock price reactions for both Black CEOs and TMTs. Conversely, in 2023, Jeong and colleagues theorized that the stock market will respond positively to the appointment of Black CEOs, because these CEOs have to meet a “higher bar” to be appointed. They reported a positive mean reaction to such appointments. In our quasi-replication of these two prior studies, we find a reliably positive mean reaction for Black CEOs but an immaterial median reaction, and no marginal stock price impact to the announcement of the appointment of a Black CEO and TMT executives after controlling for explanatory factors that go outside the racial bias and higher bar theories. In light of the fragility and lack of robustness in these results, we recommend that future research in the area of Black top executives and the stock market be cautious when presenting and interpreting results.

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