Does Your City Have Reputational Equity?

Monday November 16, 2020
  • White Paper

Cities increasingly will have to demonstrate a strong commitment to reputational equity to remain attractive places to live, work, play, and do business given the racially and ethnically disparate impacts of Covid-19 pandemic and recent senseless killings of unarmed African Americans that spawned a nationwide protest movement. We leverage evidence-based best practices of inclusive and equitable development from the research literature to devise a reputational equity checklist—a portfolio of strategies, policies, tactics, procedures and practices cities will need to embrace to dismantle all forms of “Isms” and “Phobias” that are principally responsible for the major divisions that exist in American society today.


Johnson J. H., Jr. & Bonds, J.M. (2020). Does Your City Have Reputational Equity?. [White Paper] Frank Hawkins Institute of Private Enterprise.