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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues


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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues

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Join the Institute for Private Capital for the 16th Annual Alternative Investments Conference on March 21, 2024, featuring a full day of alternative asset programming.

Global risk and risk aversion shocks have distinct distributional impacts on emerging market capital flows and returns. In particular, we find salient consequences of these different global shocks for tail risk in emerging markets. Open-end mutual fund trading provides a key mechanism linking shocks facing global investors to extreme capital flow and return realizations.

The unprecedented increase in non-bank financial intermediation, particularly open-end mutual funds and ETFs, over the last two decades, accounts for nearly half of external financing flows to emerging markets exceeding cross-border lending by global banks.

The crash of the stablecoin TerraUSD last month prompted talk among policymakers of tighter regulations for cryptocurrency markets, a world that was built around the ideas of independence and privacy. In this week’s Kenan Insight, experts who participated in a recent webinar discuss how regulation can move crypto forward and what form new rules and infrastructure might take.

Rethinc. Labs invites you to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Conference on Friday, March 4, 2022. The event will be held in person at the Rizzo Center of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School in Chapel Hill.

Consumers will long associate the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic with seemingly apocalyptic searches for toilet paper, hand sanitizer and PPE. But even now, amid continued surges of the Delta variant, many global supply chains continue to experience disruptions at record rates. This week’s Kenan Insight invites our experts to weigh in on the immediate impact of these disruptions for business and society, the longer term effects across industries and the roles government and emerging tech should be playing to drive solutions.

Could new legislation help drive the development of local tech clusters – and the growth of corresponding economic power and development – beyond Silicon Valley? In this week’s Kenan Insight, our experts explore the gravitational pull of Big Tech along with what it could mean if startups across the U.S. were better able to remain and grow in the communities where they launch.

As The Wall Street Journal reported this week, Congress is gearing up for a potential showdown with the largest tech companies in the U.S. And with a bipartisan group of representatives pushing for legislation that would dismantle the monopoly power of Big Tech, this week's Kenan Insight revisits research on how regulating Amazon, Apple and others may be key to reviving the economies of America’s held-back cities and regions.

AI. CRISPR. mRNA. Key components of the rapidly expanding alphabet soup of technologies driving a boom in healthcare innovation. In this Kenan Insight, we explore why the 2021 Trends in Entrepreneurship Report names emerging technology in the healthcare industry as a key trend, along with some of the challenges that come with fast-moving technological advancements.

Business Resilience

Corporate executives have begun to glimpse the strategic value of incorporating artificial intelligence as an “employee” within their organization. In this Kenan Insight, we explore a framework that outlines the critical elements for harnessing the potential of human-AI working relationships.

Cryptocurrency has its critics, but it’s becoming an increasingly mainstream option for retail and institutional investors alike. In this Kenan Insight, we share some thoughts from former Co-president of Morgan Stanley Zoe Cruz and Rethinc. Labs Faculty Director Eric Ghysels on whether crypto has reached a tipping point for adoption by individual investors.

UNC Professor of Economics, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Professor and Kenan Institute Senior Faulty Fellow Anusha Chari's latest research was featured in a recent National Bureau of Economic Research article. Chari's co-authored paper with Kenan Institute Director of Research Christian Lundblad and Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economist Karlye Dilts-Stedman, is cited in the article that looks at capital market risks in emerging markets.