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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues
Nov 14, 2010

A Framework for Prognostics-Integrated: Intelligent Aviation Services


Advances in new sensor and wireless technologies—from auto-ID technologies to prognostics for anticipating product health—are ushering in a new generation of products that are ―aware of their current status and thus able to perform functions related to their use, health, and maintenance. At the same time, distributed intelligence and new information environments such as the cloud are enabling the coordination and synchronization of product-centered business processes, often remotely. By linking smart products to smart processes companies are creating a new platform for providing next-generation intelligent services to their customers. In this paper we present a framework for linking smart products (with embedded real-time diagnostics and prognostics based health management capabilities) to a service provisioning system to create a system of ―self-aware product-centric systems. The framework includes a powerful ―learning engine capable of monitoring, analyzing and interpreting patterns of system/product behavior in real-time. The learning engine provides the capability of information feedback for real-time, ―in-the-loop control. This concept enables the service-provisioning network to provide customer services such as product health management at reduced maintenance costs, improved responsiveness to customer needs during use, and generally more efficient operations. This framework, being developed by the University of North Carolina, is a collaborative effort between the Center for Logistics and Digital Strategy and its partner companies to create the next generation of intelligent aviation services.

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