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Kenan Institute 2022 Annual Theme: Stakeholder Capitalism
Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues
Mar 1, 2022

Managing Hybrid Work

As we return to a new normal post-pandemic, organizational and individual work
arrangements will have to be designed to take into account that employees will range from
not wanting to give up their autonomy of working from home to those who will want to
come rushing back to the physical office. However, a large swath of the workforce will be
somewhere in the middle. They would like to mix and match the benefits of working remotely
and the advantages of coming to physical offices. A recent Microsoft report highlights the
tension companies face as 70% of employees want to continue working remotely work, while
65% of employees desire to work in-person with their teams.1 This presents an opportunity for
companies to reimagine the future of work as a hybrid of remote and in-office arrangements.

To meet the needs of all employees in a new normal of extreme flexibility, companies will
need to overcome and bridge four gaps – including culture, work process, socialization and
personal needs – to enhance remote as well as in-office work arrangements.

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