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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues
Sep 11, 2019

The Business Value of AI: An Executive Leadership Perspective


Here’s yet another article on AI to add to the many targeted to business executives. Some are prophetic and focus on how it will change society, business, work – well, Everything. Most are tutorial: Here’s what AI is, with the shorter explanations often cursory and selective in coverage and the fuller ones gnomic and packed with polysyllables and acronyms. There are plenty of views and striking examples plus wildly varied accompanying opinions. Stir all these up and AI too easily loses clarity, focus and, most of all, a business management perspective.
So why read this addition to the AI word count? Because there’s no way any manager can reliably know just where AI is going and we will only find out when we’ve got there. Robo-guessing, Evangelism and Tech 101 don’t change that. They all draw attention to AI as a phenomenon and artefact and downplay the business context in which it becomes a vehicle for creating value and shaping growth. Our briefing paper offers a perspective that centers on what we can reliably learn from the general direction of AI impacts on business change, rather than just speculate about. Only then can executives assess what AI points to for their firm’s development in its current and potential competitive ecosystem, leveraging its organization, technology and financial capabilities.

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