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Market-Based Solutions to Vital Economic Issues

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Since 2008, the Alternative Investments Conference has served as a forum for private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and other alternative asset professionals to network, share ideas and stay abreast of industry trends.

The argument that ESG investing generates more stable and higher long-term returns has come under scrutiny, including recent data showing long-run underperformance of ESG funds over the past five years. In this Kenan Insight, we provide some clarification based on recent research that revisits fundamental questions: why and how some investors take ESG factors into account in the first place.

Participants at this year's Alternative Investments Conference discuss how ESG metrics have evolved over the past decade.

Participants at this year's Alternative Investments Conference give their thoughts on the recent public focus on ESG.

Participants at this year's Alternative Investments Conference discuss the increasing importance of ESG in their organizations and to investors.

Yes, says this WSJ Pro Private Equity column on proposed SEC rules for private fund performance metrics. But Executive Director Greg Brown says it’s just a matter of time before public market benchmarks are more widely used.

The explosive growth in ESG investing has created confusion among investors. As part of our yearlong series on stakeholder capitalism, we unpack what they should expect from ESG and try to reconcile it with both financial theory and empirical evidence. The bottom line is a bit complicated.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the movement toward globalization that has benefited investors since the end of the Cold War. This development, combined with inflationary pressures not seen in three decades, should prompt individual and institutional investors to reconsider their approach to managing their money, Director of Research Christian Lundblad recently shared with the Raleigh News & Observer.

In recent years, institutional investors have progressively depended on higher returns from private markets. As a result, there's been an increase in competition for quality investment. In a recent Economist special report on the topic, Institute for Private Capital Research Director Greg Brown and his co-authors' study on private asset returns is featured.

With consumer prices rising for a third straight month in June, consumer demand continuing to outstrip supply and stock valuations well above long-term averages, our experts explore whether the so-called “everything bubble” of asset prices could be set to burst – and examine what’s next for investors and firms.

Cryptocurrency has its critics, but it’s becoming an increasingly mainstream option for retail and institutional investors alike. In this Kenan Insight, we share some thoughts from former Co-president of Morgan Stanley Zoe Cruz and Rethinc. Labs Faculty Director Eric Ghysels on whether crypto has reached a tipping point for adoption by individual investors.

Many providers of defined-contribution investment plans, such as 401(k) plans, have advocated for broader access to private investments. In this Kenan Insight, we examine the operating, regulatory and legal constraints involved in allowing that access, and explore what, if anything, retail investors are likely to gain from investing in private funds.